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The Alex & Scottie Story

Be the Change

While the overall purpose of Alex & Scottie is to create chic and comfortable clothes for children, another one of our primary missions is to meaningfully give back to the community.  To achieve this objective, Alex & Scottie will donate a portion of our profits to organizations that are dedicated to uplifting children and preparing them to “Be the Change” our world needs.

Kelli Halyard
Founder Story

I’ve always played it safe in life.  I went to college, secured an internship at CBS News and began a journey that led me down a path of exploration. I didn’t know much by the end of my internship other than the fact that I never wanted to work in Communications for Network Television.  Later that year, I began a 20-year career for the news network.  

My career took me places, both mentally and physically.  Today, as my two once little boys begin growing into active young men, I’m noticing a shift.  I am not working in a high-pressure/all-consuming job anymore, but somehow I’ve become busier than my busiest day in the News business.  I needed clothes that were easy, fun, and chic.  I found them along with everyone else.

What I couldn’t find is easy, fun, comfortable and stylish clothes for my boys.  Alex & Scottie was created so my boys could reach for clothes that fulfilled their needs to be soft and comfortable, but also fulfilled my desire for them to be stylish and well made.

Building this brand fulfilled my desire not to play it safe anymore.

I hope you enjoy the clothes.